Shopping with Monero would take this project to the moon

self.Monero2d ago
Hi everyone, I’ve been a believer in privacy and Monero for over 5 years now. In this time I’ve used Monero, preached Monero and still believe in Monero. I feel for Monero to grow bigger and stronger, it would need to become a full time payment coin. It should be on all major stores, shopping cards and as a payment option. Businesses should be able to integrate Monero to their Shopify, woommerce or even use a payment link to accept Monero. That’s why I built a payment gateway for Monero. It is FREE-TO-USE, fully anonymous (you can register with only email address) and P2P. With this, you can accept payments on your Wordpress, Shopify, Drupal, prestashop or any website you built. If you don’t have a website, you can also use a payment/donation link. Your users would pay you, and you’d get 100% of the payment in your own Monero wallet. If you’d be interested in trying it out, visit Together, we can take Monero to the next level