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Setting up a node

Hi, I am trying to set up a personal node, but I am encountering a problem. The node is running on my desktop computer (Arch Linux, x86) and has the following ```/etc/monerod.conf``` configuration: ``` data-dir=/home/monero/.bitmonero log-file=/var/log/monero/monero.log max-log-file-size=0 log-level=0 rpc-bind-ip= # Bind to all interfaces rpc-bind-port=18081 # Bind on default port confirm-external-bind=1 # Open node (confirm) no-igd=1 # Disable UPnP port mapping no-zmq=1 # Disable unfinished zmq rpc-login=user:pass # Set user and pass for remote login rpc-ssl-private-key=/home/monero/.bitmonero/ssl/node.priv rpc-ssl-certificate=/home/monero/.bitmonero/ssl/node.cert # Slow but reliable db writes db-sync-mode=safe enforce-dns-checkpointing=1 enable-dns-blocklist=1 out-peers=64 # This will enable much faster sync and tx awareness; the default 8 is suboptimal nowadays in-peers=1024 # The default is unlimited; we prefer to put a cap on this limit-rate-up=1048576 # 1048576 kB/s == 1GB/s; a raise from default 2048 kB/s; contribute more to p2p network limit-rate-down=1048576 # 1048576 kB/s == 1GB/s; a raise from default 8192 kB/s; allow for faster initial sync ``` This syncs correctly to the mainnet, and if i run the CLI wallet locally, it works. However, when I try running the same CLI wallet from my laptop (Arch Linux, x86), issuing the command: ```monero-wallet-cli --wallet-file ~/.bitmonero/wallets/my_wallet.keys --daemon-host --daemon-port 18081 --daemon-login user:pass --trusted-daemon```, it gets stuck on "Starting refresh" until it eventually gives up. What can the problem be? I can use the CLI wallet from my laptop with a public internet node just fine. My desktop computer has no firewall enabled, and I tried disabling the firewall on my laptop too.
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