Seeking 5 People To Try Anonymous Amazon Shipping Service


Seeking 5 People To Try Anonymous Amazon Shipping Service

Two Weeks Ago y'all helped me feel out an idea I had around anonymous shopping via amazon lockers. So I spent some time a prototype together and here it is: 🥳 🥳. I am looking for 5 customers to use and check it out. Here is a demo video , on how the app works. Given that this is my first trial at scale I want to be clear about my current limitations:

  1. USA Only
  2. Items must be fulfilled by amazon (only amazon can ship to amazon lockers)
  3. Refunds Incur an additional 1% charge and Service fees are non-refundable
  4. Service fee is currently 4% of the Order subtotal
  5. Min. Order is 25 dollars
  6. No Prime 2-Day Shipping
  7. No items that are Federally Illegal in the states.

The basic steps to the service are:

  1. Find Products from Amazon That You Want.
  2. Place and Order at my website.
  3. I place the order to an amazon locker near you.
  4. I use the website to message you the locker code.
  5. You pick up the order when it arrives at the locker.
  6. Enjoy your item, without anyone else knowing that you have it.

Why would I want to hide my shipping receiving address?

Let's say you wanted to buy a hardware wallet. If you order from a retailer they will have your address and they could possibly leak that information. Ledger and Trezor have both leaked customer information in the past. People received death threats due to these leaks. You should not punished for securing your crypto. My service helps hide your address to prevent leaks like this. This is just one example of why you need to protect your shipping and order information.

I am a stranger on the internet asking you to send me your private magical internet money in exchange for amazon products shipped to a locker near you. This might be a big ask for some, but I thank those that support me at this stage. Feel free to ask any questions about the service. Thank y'all for being honest and supportive. Have a great day!

Extra Links:

Github Link