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Schedule meeting to discuss the future of the PoW algorithm

Regardless of the technical challenges, we have to consider that ASIC resistance (or egalitarian mining) is a significant part of Monero's identity. If an ASIC-friendly PoW is the goal, forking the project may be a more responsible course of action than potentially alienating a large portion of the community that values hardware independence.

I would like to leave my opinion on this matter here.

While I can understand the purely technical arguments in favor of adopting ASICs, to me it seems dangerous to treat Monero as a tool where the mining process doesn't have any kind of social implication -- and for some reason nobody seems to discuss these implications. As already stated, the fact that Monero is anti-ASIC is not pettiness, it is part of the core of the project and there is a specific reasons for this: egalitarian mining.

How long have we been fighting ASICs? As far as I know, it hasn't even been 2 years since we've been doing research on PoW and forking to avoid them. Is that long enough for us to simply abandon this feature and accept that Monero mining will be provided by a select group of manufacturers, in which the logistics and distribution process is very far from the availability of CPUs and GPUs worldwide?

Today our instance is that the money of this protocol can be printed by anyone who has a computer or graphics card. Regardless of the physical location of this person. He/she does not need to ask permission from anyone, from any manufacturer, from any government. Nobody even needs to know that this person is printing money. He/she can do it anonymously. That in my view is an integral part of the protocol.

And I repeat, I understand the pro-ASIC arguments, but I have my doubts in abandoning that battle so, so quickly, only because we are currently failing.

How long will it take for governments to require ASIC manufacturers to have special permits? How long will it take for everyone who buys ASICs to...

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