Safest way to download blockchain and wallet question.

self.Monero1m ago
Hello all, Love this project and the community! Been lurking for a while and just had a final few questions before loading up on XMR. My plan is to go the full/local node route and download the blockchain onto a 256gb high speed USB stick but for some reason I feel like downloading the blockchain is a break in anonymity so I was wondering: 1. Is it fully anonymous to download the blockchain within Tails TOR? Or can my ISP detect TOR being used and then the 100gb data transfer while on this session and put 2 and 2 together? 2. Is downloading the blockchain without TOR but using a Romanian VPN a faster and as more or equally anonymous as doing it through Tails? 3. If I download the blockchain onto an external SSD via VPN, but use my Tails USB stick for the Monero GUI wallet, does that mean I always have to connect the SSD to the same laptop im plugging the Tails USB stick to do that the blockchain is available and updated? 4. Finally, my main confusion about running a local node - I assume that the node is only turned on when I load up the Tails USB and connect to WIFI, right? But whats it doing when its sitting offline for extended periods of time? Does it just update and catch up to the latest transactions history build on the blockchain whenever I go online again? Is the local node basically just a tool to send my transaction commands to the Mainette instead of using a remote node as that tool to send my buy/sell signals? Sorry for all the questions and I thank you very much in advance!