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Running a full node on a bootable Linux USB>

howdy, there is a guide on here about running a full node on tails but none for other distros like ubuntu on a bootable USB will something like this work: equipment: - 8 gigs of RAM - 16 gigs of space on USB stick and loaded with bootable Ubuntu iso - 500 gigs of spare space on a hard disk for blockchain - computer steps: - start computer on bootable USB - Ubuntu starts up, plug in that hard drive - download monero gui - MAKE SURE MONERO GUI DOWNLOADS BLOCK CHAIN TO **HARD DRIVE** OTHERWISE BLOCK CHAIN WILL BEGIN TO SIT IN RAM which is a tiny 8 gigs only - use the shiny gui to access them xmrs after blockchain syncs will that work? usually a bootable USB keeps EVERYTHING in RAM. everything. That's why it ain't persistent. So I guess the main question is how to prevent it from downloading the blockchain to RAM and instead use an external storage (hard drive) to keep the block chain.
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