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rehrar transparency report

rehrar transparency report ## Introduction Heyo everyone. It's me. Diego. rehrar. You know. In December of 2019 the Core Team put out a blog post ( about the state of the general fund at that time. Not long after, in June of 2020, they put out their first General Fund Transparency Report ( Both blog posts mentioned the fact that I am a contractor for the Core Team, and after the transparency report, the community voiced the desire to have some transparency as to my position, so I committed to make a transparency report on my position. This report will summarize things up until this point and, depending on what the community wants, I can do a monthly or quarterly update on major accomplishments. First, to get one thing out of the way. Why does my position exist? Well, as alluded to in the blog posts, the Core Team thought it prudent to have a sort of boots-on-the-ground position for them. Both keeping tabs on how things are, doing any necessary tasks they might have, and utilizing soft skills, which tend to be undervalued in this space. ## A brief history I've been working for the Core Team since June of 2017, though initially it was in a half-time capacity. It basically started after I made a proposal to the community offering to do a CCS-based handyman type role where I do all the non-coding things that needed to be done. Back in 2017, nothing like this existed. Monero Community was just started (by me), and there were no workgroups for site, translation, and many more things. Ultimately, the community thought my asking price and lack of concrete goals were not what they wanted, so the proposal was dropped, followed by a frustrated rant by me. At the time, I was work...
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