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RandomX Service - HTTP service to calculate PoW, supports web-mining

RandomX Service

RandomX Service provides a simple HTTP API to calculate RandomX proof of work (PoW).

Use cases Fast PoW verification for Node.js based pools Web-mining with explicit user consent (see below) Access to RandomX for clients who cannot link directly to librandomx Building Linux

Prerequisites: cmake, make, gcc

git clone --recursive cd randomx-service ./ Windows

Prerequisites: cmake, Visual Studio

git clone --recursive cd randomx-service build.cmd Usage Usage: ./randomx-service [OPTIONS] Supported options: -host <string> Bind to a specific address (default: localhost) -port <number> Bind to a specific port (default: 39093) -threads <number> Use a specific number of threads (default: all CPU threads) -flags <number> Use specific RandomX flags (default: auto) -origin <string> Allow cross-origin requests from a specific web page -log Log all HTTP requests to stdout -help Display this message RandomX Service API

The service provides the following API methods:

GET /info POST /seed POST /hash POST /batch

Refer to doc/


To allow requests from the browser, use the -origin command line option. For example, to allow the site to access the service, this command line option should be used:

./randomx-service -origin Notes using the /batch API, web-miners are able to reach similar performance as native miners HTTP requests to localhost from HTTPS websites are currently blocked by Firefox and Safari, but this behavior may change in the future (refer to the linked bugtrackers). Donations


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