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I wasn't around for the early BTC days. But seeing the types of posts here is what I imagine it was like back then. Grass roots vibes. Sounds silly to some, but show me a coin with a sticker on the backside of an old telephone booth and I'm listening. It's use with dark markets is also a big plus, things start that way and go mainstream. The John Oliver hit piece - incredibly bullish. NO ONE knows what XMR is apart from us, and they decided to run it on television? You know how that goes... US gov offering a bounty for breaking the code - bullish. I'm going to start aculminating XMR like it's gonna become BTC value. Will buy 1 every now and then and hodl. Congratulations everyone. I truly hope people adopt this currency. We must be free from state backed currency and their prying eyes. Then we can begin to flourish again
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