Questions Concerning Monero's use-case(s).

15D Ago
Hello all, I want to pose a question that has popped up in my mind over my last several months of involvement with Monero, and the Monero community through Reddit. Context: How I see it, Monero is a Cryptocurrency that has a real function like no other on the market: financial privacy/autonomy. Because of that, Monero has an implicitly different trajectory and development expectations than other cryptocurrencies on offer. ​ So then my question(s): Am I incorrect in my understanding that the goal of Monero isn't adoption, but rather, purely financial privacy//autonomy? Isn't the end-goal of Monero something that looks like what Haveno is suppose to be? Am I being too closed-minded when I assume Monero is for the people and establishments that actually seek it out, and not those that need to be brought to it? Don't we also chance compromising the project by actively seeking out venues that will accept it? ​ At base, isn't one of the main reasons Monero has been able to survive long enough to reach it's current state of maturity because it is obscure? and wouldn't further popularity jeopardize future development? ​ I know this is a lot and my apologies for any ignorance or bias I may have put on display with this post. Any and all comments and that can help me put these questions to rest are greatly appreciated.