Question on how to run monerod?


I have a mobile wallet and a desktop wallet, but they sync very slow. I started running monerod on a server that i have with these parameters:


[so i can server the network as well]


[not sure what this does, i'm assuming it runs a public node on 18081, but it listens on, so it's kind of pointless]


[i use these values to connect my mobile wallet, works great, very happy about it]

But i want other people to use my monerod server as well. If i add


I get this error:

E --rpc-bind-ip permits inbound unencrypted external connections. Consider SSH tunnel or SSL proxy instead. Override with --confirm-external-bind

I'd also like to use


So i don't get spammed with phony requests, but i think i must solve the rpc-bind-ip error first. Do i get that message because the HTTP requests are unencrypted (not protected by SSL)? Should i get an ssl certificate from letsencrypt? Or can i --confirm-external-bind without any problem? From what i understand, there will be 3 services i provide: - monerod node interface which other nodes can sync blocks from - public rcp interface, protected by rpc-payment - private rpc interface, protected by rpc-login Or i'm getting it wrong? I think it should be easier to run a node like this.