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[QUESTION] If I access a NON-ONION clearnet remote node using Tor, can a person running a malicious Tor exit node steal my Monero between the Tor exit node and the clearnet remote node?

Isn't that the whole reason we can't access using Tor? I ask this question after having researched the following: In this thread, fluffyponyza says: "I'm surprised anyone with even a passing interest in online privacy doesn't realise how risky it is to do anything sensitive on clearnet over Tor. It's literally an opt-in MITM, with known malicious consequences." And from the Reddit Monero Newcomer's guide link "Finally, when running over Tor and receiving transactions, you must be careful to ensure that your view of the Monero network is not poisoned by exit node spoofing." And from, "you may also see this message when trying to access MyMonero on Tor, as impersonator sites try and use Tor to reverse-proxy to MyMonero."
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