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[QUESTION] Can't send from pool wallet, 'needed_money > unlocked_balance'

Hey everyone, TLDR; I've got funds stuck in my DIY pool. Decided to dive headfirst into cryptocurrencies! Marvellous and interesting world it is too ;) So safe to say I have beginner knowledge about everything, learning as I go. I set up a pool according to this guide: I'm the only address mining on it. Lots of little miners all using the same address. I assume there's no issue there. All's been going well, mined my first block a few days ago. However once the pool attempted to pay out, I get the errors "needed_money > unlocked_balance(). THROW EXCEPTION: error::not_enough_money" "wallet2.cpp:4416:N5tools5error16not_enough_moneyE: not enough money, available = 0.613948360000, tx_amount = 6.128600000000" I did a bunch of reading and came to the conclusion that I either don't have enough balance to pay the transaction fee (doesn't this come out of the amount being sent?) or there's been some horrible misconfiguration with the pool. Actually just did a bit more searching, might I not have enough 'available transfers'? I ran 'incoming_transfers available' on the wallet cli and there's only two unspent entries. I've currently got ~0.61 xmr showing in both locked and unlocked in my wallet. I've exhausted my Google-foo, please help!
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