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PSA: A bug has caused some nodes to get stuck on block 2210720 (Monero network continues to operate properly though). A new release (v0.17.2.0) that includes the fix will be released shortly.

Basically, there's a bug present in the v0.17 release that causes some nodes to get stuck on block `2210720`. Which local node operators are affected? - A new node that syncs from scratch. - Existing node that is not synced past block `2210720` or stuck on block `2210720` - Existing node that is currently offline and would like to sync soon. If your node synced past block `2210720`, you are not affected. A patch has been created [here]( and can be applied as follows: 1. `git clone --recursive -b release-v0.17` 2. `make` The patch will be included in the v0.17.2.0 release, which should follow shortly (release binaries will also be made available). P.S. If you use a remote node in the GUI, please check whether the node is properly synced by comparing the height displayed in the left bottom against the height displayed on a block explorer. With respect to the CLI, you can type `status` in `monero-wallet-cli` to obtain the height of the remote node (and subsequently verify / compare it).
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