[PROMO] 10% Monero bonus when you trade in Cake Wallet/Monero.com starting at 11AM EDT today!

self.Monero1m ago
Hi All, Here we are with another Monero promo to help you earn 10% extra XMR when you trade ANY coin to XMR in the next 24 hours! Details below: ​ \- Starts at: 11AM EDT today (July 6, 2022) \- Ends at: 11AM EDT tomorrow (July 7, 2022) \- First 1000 (thousand) trades done within this time when you convert any coin (not XMR) to XMR in either Cake Wallet or Monero.com wallet or [Monero.com](https://Monero.com) website will get the 10% Bonus. \-Bonus: 10% of the XMR amount converted to. (Bonus is capped at 0.2 XMR per trade) \-One trade per person HOW TO CLAIM: Send an email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with: The XMR address where you want your bonus. AND The Trade ID. ​ You can download Cake and Monero.com at for iOS and Android (yes direct APK also): [https://cakewallet.com](https://cakewallet.com) and [https://monero.com](https://monero.com)