Professional translations of Monero: A request for payment

24D Ago
Hello, I am Yiota, a professional native Greek and commercial self-taught Korean and English translator. (I’ve been translating for a living for 2 years and my projects include [Viosital]( (Greek to English translation), [Supervank]( (English to Greek translation). 2 months ago (July 2022), I dedicated 1 month doing voluntary translations with the hope of filing a CCS Proposal as a result of the voluntarism. I've been working 7-8h/day totaling 40h/week, which makes 11 XMR priced in 150USD/XMR as of 05.09.2022 my hourly revenue of just \~11 USD/h. I would like to receive 10 XMR for July's completed milestone and 41 XMR for the following 3 months I'm going to work on. You may inspect my work [HERE]( This is who my [reviewer]( would have to be. Right after completing the translations from the above link and asking if I qualified for a CCS Proposal, my request has been rejected, quoting some prior problems with automated translations, that I have nothing to do with. This occurred even though me and my friend, u/mj-xmr (doing me a favor) communicated from the very beginning and on multiple occasions, that my goal after initial voluntarism was to get paid through CCS for further work after getting my work reviewed. (For more context please have a look at the lower part of this post, paragraph "The Negotiations") I hope you can understand that this leaves me in a very uncomfortable situation by cutting me off from the funds that I was hoping to receive, as stated initially. That said, I don’t necessarily need to get paid via CCS, therefore I asked mj-xmr to help me set up a donation address, which you can find [HERE]( If you strongly believe I shouldn't get paid for the translations, then please be kind enough to at least cover the costs of what I have already done, as I could have easily been working on something else. On the other hand, if you would like to see me translating Monero to Greek and Korean, then please rather donate straight to the second address from the Wishlist. This would allow me to continue working for the next three months translating both Greek and Korean. Thank you in advance! The Negotiations mj-xmr introduced me on the Matrix channel Monero-Translations on 5th July 2022. Since, unlike Monero-community, the former channel is not being logged via Libera, here are the relevant screenshots: netrik182 is the coordinator of translations, whose work is funded by the [CCS]( The initial [proposal]( linked underneath states the [following]( about translations-related CCS proposals: *4. Take care of translations-related CCS (the current system is not optimal and needs to be improved. See more bellow.);* *Translation-related CCS proposals* *One of the first tasks of this role will be to rethink the whole process of contributors using the CCS to fund their translation efforts. We have had problems with low quality work in the past and although some rules have been discussed and laid out with the help from Core, I want to focus on defining and enforcing some basic rules for translation-related CCSs in the future, accepting work from:* *• Translators with a provable portfolio as professional translators* *• Contributors of the Localization Workgroup that have a track record of delivering high quality translations (work that has been reviewed by others and deemed of high quality, for example)* *The end goal is to guarantee the Monero Project has its resources translated and that these translations are of high quality. We plan to establish a hybrid approach in which community members could contribute if they wanted to (as volunteers or paid work) given the rules above and in case we fail to meet the above requirements for any given language a.k.a. these contributors do not exist or are of bad quality, they could be replaced with professional resources.* I believe I do qualify as that professional resource. Nobody so far neglected this. Yet to my surprise already AFTER I finalized my work, during [this community meeting]( on 30th July 2022, it was decided not to allow translations proposals to be opened via CCS and it was later confirmed in the Translations Matrix channel by ErCiccione and netrik182: [HERE]( is the link to the donation page again.