Problem Accessing account: this wallet "******" is already open in another wallet program

1M Ago
I have a monero GUI wallet, I've kept a copy of the most recent wallets digital files with a balance of at least a couple hundred dollars. Whenever I try to access it- it displays the log on screen as per usual and then when I enter what I know to be the correct password it loads like normal then displays the screen "Error: this wallet "\*\*\*\*\*\*" is already open in another wallet program. My only options are retry and cancel. ​ Atfirst I was having problems with my anti-virus software blocking the gui wallet. I solved that problem and in the past I have been able to solve this problem by closing the program then closing a "ghost" version of the program that is still running in my Ctrl+Alt+Delete's process's tab. This solution is no longer working, I googled it and I can only find examples of people unexplainable fixing it themselves or it just being unsolvable, I need to be able to access my wallet. This is a real issue, any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated and perhaps even monetarily compensated should your insight help fix this issue. ​ Thanks in advance to any responders. ​ Kindest Regards, Questy