Please be supportive instead of impatient

5Y Ago
Monero and the art of STFU

Over the past few months we have been working relentlessly so that we can bring on board one of our all-time favorite coins, Monero. As a matter of fact we decided that Monero would skip the market cap queue, leaving behind stronger candidates such as Ripple whose market cap is currently 10 times bigger than Monero’s. That was November 2016.

Our initial enthusiasm soon faded away the moment we realized that Monero was probably the hardest integration we had ever performed. We thought of putting the whole thing off and moving on to Ripple, NEM and all other coins in the top-10 list of the market cap rankings. We also realized that a big part of our resources would have to be used exclusively in the Monero project if we wanted to get over with it anytime soon. We decided that it’s worth the trouble. And so we started.

It wasn’t until a couple of months later when we became witnesses of a major failure in communication between another wallet provider and the Monero community. Serious accusations were made on both sides and things got out of hand pretty quickly. We all got disheartened by the nasty comments that were made but decided to keep on going anyway, knowing that if anything goes south along the way we might also get into a similar situation, especially after this fiasco where many of the community members became overly sensitive over external development. We decided to only announce support for Monero when everything was in place. And so we did. But..

Users started asking us non-stop if we are going to provide support for Monero. When the first messages came in, we were torn on how to deal with this. Reveal that Monero is in the works and having to come up with stupid excuses until the integration was ready, or deceive the community and take them by surprise when Monero has passed all tests? We love surprises but then again we wouldn’t be able to live with the fact that we have lied to the community. We are one of the top wallet providers. People trust us with their money. And that’s because we’ve always been real. At that point we realized that we never really had a choice other than being totally transparent and open with our users and the community. So we decided to keep on answering honestly to any questions made regarding the Monero integration, but never to make any explicit announcement until it’s ready. And so we did. And for a while we thought it worked. We thought.

Ironies such as “Coming soon™” and a plethora of other stupid, nasty comments started reaching our media. It was exactly this that we wanted to avoid in the first place. These people point the finger to Coinomi while at the same time the fail to acknowledge that it’s their hideous attitude that demotivates us and prevents us from going that extra mile to finish with the integration an hour earlier. What they also fail to acknowledge is that we have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into this integration and have used exclusively our own resources with no help from the community whatsoever to make this happen.

This is the last public announcement we’re ever going to make regarding the progress of the development until the Monero integration is fully completed. From now on we’re not going to reply to any questions regarding this integration, neither make any comments other than prompt users to this post.

At this point we need to thank every single member of the Monero community who has been supportive in their own ways ever since it was revealed that we are working on Monero.

As for the rest, the next time you decide to make a comment, be smart, and dare to be kind, for a change. Or simply STFU, if you can’t. In both cases you’ll do Monero a solid.