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Payments received on integrated address does not show up

I wants to accept Monero as payment in my online store in a automated way. Little bit of googling shows me that I should prefer [integrated addresses over subaddresses]( because I am a merchant. To test everything first I created a integrated addresses on a stagenet wallet using the command `integrated_address` which gave me output of: Random payment ID: <8ac0c1c895f89326> Matching integrated address: 5DeLqCXNYhbJVpoeHYkKdpUEg8TGBCW1fCkDjXWSHFxihArYM2oVb1PKa95G1vDQNr7qfcbBqHqM5FD3YB95N83xLVbzv1c4Y8z5LvzxpK Then I sent XMR using [Stagenet faucet]( to that integrated address. But my wallet does not show any balance nor transactions. I also tried command `payments 8ac0c1c895f89326` which supposed to show me payment, shows me this: [wallet 53wfpP]: payments 8ac0c1c895f89326 No payments with id <8ac0c1c895f89326000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000> However [Stagenet explorer]( showing that payment has been made. What's going on? What am I doing wrong? **Update**: Found the issue, I was creating primary wallet in GUI then using CLI to generate integrated address. When I used CLI to do both, balance shows up instantly.
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