Pay with BTC anonymously with XMR. Steps described inside are correct?

self.Monero1m ago
I want to buy access to a few online services (cloud storage, VPN and a few more). Furthermore, I can pay for every service with cryptocurrency if I want, so why not. I think I know how it works, but I want to make sure, my way of thinking is correct. Unfortunately, Monero is available in only two services, others accept only Bitcoin, but I think is not a big problem. I am a fan of privacy, but I never before bought something for crypto. Now it's a good time to start. I will pay once per 12 or 24 months for each service, so I don't need dozens of wallets and so on. I just want to pay a few times in one day, one-time, and I can forget about my wallets. I need a good, safe way to do this. ​ 1. Let's start with Monero, because all other payment is related to Monero. If my way of thinking is correct, all is very easy. I can buy Monero with some centralized place for example Binance, and I can send that Monero to my Wallet provided by []( In that way, just theoretically, Binance will know, my person (name: X, surname: Y, address: Z and so on) sent Monero to some wallet, and it's all, what Binance could know. Or, except Binance I can buy Monero on []( Independently what I will choose, no one can know whose is Monero wallet, to witch Monero was sent. Now from the Monero wallet I can send my Monero to a second address, and from that new address, I can pay for VPN. In that way, no one can connect my person from Binance or LM to the latest payment. **I'm right?** 2. About payment with Bitcoin, it is worse, because Bitcoin is not anonymously way. Of course, it is more anonymously than bank transfer, but everyone can check BTC wallet addresses and so on. I think, how can I get around of this with Monero, and I invented this: * If I have Monero to my wallet provided by getmonero, I will buy somewhere (but I'm not sure where, what can you recommend?) Bitcoin by Monero using Atomic Swap. If I understood everything correct, then my Monero will be converted to BTC, but everything will be delivering to another wallet and address (supporting by BTC). * That BTC address should be anonymously, so I found Electrum wallet. Now, if I have BTC in my Electrum wallet (or some other, if exist better), I can pay for cloud storage. * Again, if everything I understood correct, not exist way to know, who pay with BTC, because if someone will check BTC addresses and so on, can't find my personal data. Electrum not require any data, and BTC was bought by Monero with Swap, so no one know, who sent Monero to obtain Bitcoin. For now, that's it. Can someone tell me, everything is correct with steps, and can recommend me good BTC wallet without any personal data required (as I said, I found Electrum), and good place to use Atomic Swap Monero to BTC? Thanks!