Opinion piece: Monero is the crypto you'd want to hold during a depression.

self.Monero5d ago
In all fairness, no matter who you are or where you live, you should have at least one year's of basic living expenses (rent, food, bills, etc.) stored away in monero and kept in either a soft or hardwallet, depending on how big your stash is. Why? Because if the economy spirals into a depression AGAIN, and it looks likely that it will, the GOVERNMENT will start confiscating property in order to preserve social stability and pretend they are helping the poor. If you got real estate, stocks, cash in the bank, it won't matter, they can confiscate any and all of it. Gold? HAH! First of all, they confiscated it in the past. Second, you can't scale it. If, let's say, you have 1 million dollars worth of gold, how do you plan on hiding it? How are you gonna flee with it across the border. The same sum in monero stored on a hardwallet safely tucked inside your rectum will solve that problem easily, while also preventing any unnecessary "inconveniences" for your backdoor. Bitcoin may be nice as a hedge against inflation because it is a hard cap asset, but when 💩 really hits the fan, Monero is the place where you want your money to be.