Opinion: Bitcoin is gold, Monero is money


I've seen this debate lately about which one has the highest chance to be adopted as a global currency.

Both are decentralized and can fight censorship, but one fundamental difference of Bitcoin over Monero is it halving cicles and fixed maximum supply. This gives the scarcity characteristic to Bitcoin.

Monero on the other hand managed to successfully reach tail emission with no maximum supply. So the value of each Monero becomes its use case rather than scarcity, which is to be used as money.

I don't know which one has more potential to be adopted in the future, though. In the today's scenario, where Central Bank Currencies with standard surveillance are to become a thing and privacy by default will be requested from the citizens, I believe Monero will be used for online payments over distances and Bitcoin Lightning for in person P2P trades on their mobile phones.

However, if Monero can overcome this and implement layer 2 solutions, the use of Bitcoin won't be needed at all.

(Every other cryptocurrency is a scam btw)