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[Open Tasks] v1docq47: video creation / translations into russian

Greeting everybody again!

Thank you for supporting my previous FFS. Possibly something went wrong, not like I planned it, but during working process I sincerely tried to improve every video and translation, investing part of my soul in my work.


I am v1docq47, member of XMR.RU team

I participate and take active part in Monero Localization and Monero Outreach working groups.

Since September 2017 I translate into Russian everything related to Monero. Recently I started to make teaching and news videos about Monero for Monero Russian Community YouTube channel.

This is the shortlist of my Monero localization works:

This is the shortlist of my works for Monero Russian Community YouTube channel:


In my first FFS I was too optimistic and didn’t realized what amount of time I will be spending to create simple but high quality videos, which are easy to understand for ordinary user.

This time I have 5 month experience and I will be realistic about my work.

I am planning to continue to help experienced and ordinary users to know something new. I have a lot of new ideas, which are just needed to be transferred from paper to screen.

I don’t want to stuck in routine work with videomaking, I will do my best to improve this format and do something interesting and unusual.

In addition to videomaking I will continue my Monero localization work.

Please don’t be confused with low amount of subscribers and views on my channel. I could buy views/subscribers, but it won’t be my own victory. I want to reach thousand audience by my own.

The Proposal and Milestones

I am planning to make 6-8 new videos per month for my channel for the next 6 months. These will be: news, manuals and other Monero information materials.

I still hope to add interviews to my channel as an extra format (despite I had some technical difficulties during first episode). Possibly it will be new for...

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