New version of Monero gui wallet won’t stop syncing

19D Ago
I purchased some Monero. I have done this before and I’ve been able to access and trade or use the funds with the old versions of the wallet. I made the purchase using the old version, but then the funds didn’t show up after many hours. So I decided to download the new version, the to see if that fixed the problem. Some of my funds are there but I can’t access them bc the blockchain is endlessly synchronizing. Let me be clear—I have done this numerous times with previous versions on this same computer and NEVER had this issue. Literally its been over 24 hours and it’s moving slower and slower. I am unable to access my funds which is very upsetting. I’m reading about the potential problems that could be causing this but they all suggest storage issues, computer speed or hdd vs sdd etc. But I’m working on the SAME computer where I’ve never had this issue before! And even if suddenly my computer is incapable of performing this action, I must point out that it gave me ZERO problems when I was buying the Monero… only when I tried to access it. All of the potential fixes seem to include coding, which is not something I’m familiar with. Can someone explain to me, in plain English, why I’ve never had this problem before, why I’m having this problem now and how to fix it. I would be forever in your debt if you could help me because I’m going on 36 hours of intense frustration with no customer support number in sight to call!!