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!!! New SCAM Site (

Hello Guys UPDATE--------- The site is 馃槄 i had to find it out the hard way that monero mixing is a scam. Result 60 Dollars stuck in Scammers butt now. i hope that you inform you better than me and dont loose a tiny bit of money. Have a nice Day Folks 馃榿
Go to self.Monero
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Why Monero is going to the top 10!

Monero is the worlds largest private crypto currency. It has some amazing features like #StealthAddresses #RingSignatures #CTSignatures #AtomicSwaps and an a...
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A day in the life of a crypto trader

DONT PRESS THIS LINK: #bitcoin #2021.......wojak ,Pepe, boomer ,memes, jokes ,meme ,Dolan dark, thehistory of wojak memes, wagi...