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Never bring a knife to a gun fight: bring popcorn and a hug. My official FFS statement regarding Kovri, Monero, and Sekreta.

Finally: an official statement

Because of a comment from one of my donors, and other recent events, I've re-opened negotiations for the remainder of my contract. This issue is between me and my donors and no one else (although moneromooo, hyc, and MRL may be contacted for technical affirmations).

For the important backstory to this post, and some information regarding recent events, read my comments here, and here (trigger warning: bring your popcorn), and the original taken-out-of-context paste that has set everything on fire (as seen in my "Milestone 15" post below). If you want a clear, level-headed, technical understand of what the hell is going on; you can also contact Monero Project lead developer moneromooo as he understands the technical aspects involved.

TL;DR: I love you all, but, with that said;

TL;DR: I've provided 99% of everything I've been asked to do for Kovri but the remaining 1% has been deprecated and should not happen. I've listed the reasons above and below. I asked to be funded for that remaining 1% on a new, actual solution (as posted below); but there are too many questions at this point. What is not a question though is that Kovri is 100% done in terms of my funding (if we are not "baking-in" the router or if we are not interested in more Kovri fixes and development). Regardless, Monero Project needs to focus on moving towards an actual solution: Sekreta. Sekreta will also deprecate Monero's SOCKS proxy; the SOCKS proxy of which takes the incentive out of "baking-in" Kovri to begin with (for the longest time, the proxy was never supposed to happen because of fluffypony's "baked-in I2P" pipe-dream but now both have now been deprecated by Sekreta). There is such an incredible lack of understanding within Monero about Sekreta technology because nearly everyone in the community is not an internet-anonymity engineer nor specialist so, the responses have been mixed, somewhat uninformed, and hosti...

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