Nerostr: Monero meets Nostr

Nerostr: Monero meets Nostr

TLDR; I made a Nostr pay-to-relay Monero-based platform that anyone can selfhost. Source code here.

Hey all, Pluja here!

The Nostr protocol is pretty cool, and I think Monero + Nostr could be a match made in heaven. Below, I’ve added a small text about what is Nostr, and linked some interesting sources if you want to learn more.

Nostr lacks spam filtering and control, so the option that developers came up with is what is known as “Pay-to-relay”.

In order to avoid spam in your feed, you pay a small fee (~$1) to a relay. Your pubkey gets whitelisted in that relay, and then you are free to publish events there. Reading from such relays is free for everyone! This allows getting much more curated and clean results in the global page. In short, paid relays are a pretty neat thing for Nostr.

Personally, I was lacking Monero in this equation. Right now, 100% of the Nostr paid relays are being paid in Bitcoin (via LN). For this, I decided I would create a Monero-paid relay so the Monero community starts having a play in Nostr!

If you are curious, you can take a look at the paywall at, and you can add the relay to any Nostr client using this address: wss:// Hope you like the project!

Project source code and self-hosting guides:

What is Nostr?

It is a lightweight, simple yet extensible open protocol that allows building truly censorship resistant and decentralized social media platforms:

  • There are two components: events and relays.
  • Every user is identified by a public key. Every post is signed. Clients validate these signatures.
  • Clients fetch data from relays of their choice and publish data to other relays of their choice. A relay doesn't talk to another relay, only directly to users.
  • For example, to "follow" someone, a user instructs their client to query the relays it knows for posts from that public key.
  • A "post" can contain any kind of structured data, but the most used ones are going to find their way into the standard so all clients and relays can handle them seamlessly.

Some sources to learn more: - -

Things already built with Nostr:

  • Telegram-like channels:
  • Pastebin:
  • Blog (Substack-like):
  • Polls:
  • Reddit:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram / Pinterest:
  • Online Chess game:

Update: added tldr