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Need any jobs done for Monero?

Sorry if there’s a better place to post this. I fell on some hard times just before Christmas and had to sell all my crypto (90% XMR, 10% BTC). Wasn’t fucking fun — don’t recommend. I remember reading about Olaf Carlson-Wee, who was an early employee for Coinbase and was paid only in Bitcoin (when it was worth around £30, IIRC). Now he’s with $500m+. That’s gangster. I want to do that with Monero. Since I’m starting from literally zero again, I want to rebuild completely within the Monero ecosphere and pass it all forward. Fuck it. I have experience in a few different fields: -Marketing (Degree in Marketing & Economics) -Copywriting -Sourcing and dealing with suppliers in China -Textile industry (I have great connections in Turkey) -Dating Advice (seriously, I know females) Anything you need, shoot me a PM. In the UK, will literally travel anywhere in Europe just for shits & giggles. If I can find work strictly with Monero, I’ll start a blog or something to document it. I think it would bring some positive awareness towards Monero. TL;DR: will work for Monero.
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