Need advice from Monero expert


Hi Monero people

I can’t understand the issue I am facing - would appreciate any help or advice.

I’ve sent money from Binance exchange to Monero wallet Monero wallet is: 84HfSjVDMChcZvhDvrACrC7uKAkp1cgGwKKd92X4dCfPjiQHhrVMx2NKx3km2x7RJ1iRd7mSsxLM43czPa9HvyQ3TLqoKWT

95 characters, starts with 8 but online validators say it’s invalid.

Nevertheless I got a confirmation from Binance with transaction ID: 87bca95dafe47f890de8b3978b64ab1501f078a80eb2ef21d6dff22b98702246

When I try to prove (using online tools) that this transaction exists- yes it does But the validators can’t link it to the wallet above.

Anyone can suggest what may happen here and where could be my money?