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My unlocked balance went to zero when I switched back to local node?

I've been using a remote node for a while and that was working fine until a couple days ago when daemon just stopped connecting. I switched back to using a local node and my wallet balance is the same and daemon is connected, but the "total unlocked balance" is zero. The only receiving transaction in my wallet came in almost 2 months ago and there are a ton of confirmations according to xmrchain, but my wallet is showing there are zero. I've waited 20 minutes and the unlocked balance is unchanged, so what's going on? Edit: I rescanned and now my original balance is showing, which I haven't had for a while (spent the XMR). Another issue is that when I add a remote node and click connect, absolutely nothing happens. I tried putting "monero-wallet-cli --daemon-address" into the command line and nothing happens there either, it just shows up with a timestamp after. Wtf is going on? Edit2: I deleted the blockchain file because it was probably corrupted since I've improperly closed the wallet countless times. I honestly am so fucking tired of this buggy wallet, I'm contemplating cutting my losses and just forgetting about the money that's in it right now.
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