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My newbie crypto friend just asked me that if XMR(Monero) is way better Cryptocurrency than BTC(Bitcoin) why XMR(Monero) worths 250$ and 27th at market cap while BTC is worths 34k$ and 1st at market cap

I told him its because people are not smart enough to understand what is valuable and why is valuable. it is not going up because its valuable and it has a real time use case, it is not something that people needs, it is not something that solves any problem the only reoson it is going up is becasue people are buying it and why people are buying? because it is going up! it is like circle, pyramid, ponzi scheme or whatever. it is just makes me angry that everyone is talking about BTC(Bitcoin)'s prize and no one is talking about XMR(Monero). lets say i want to send someone money if i send BTC(Bitcoin) i have to pay more than 5$ fee and reciver will be able to see all of the transactions you make and to will make and how much BTC(Bitcoin) you have by just copy pasting your adress into a blockchain explorer and if you are sending for illagal activities goverments easily tracks you, But if you are using XMR(Monero) u will pay less than 0.01$ fee and the reciver or anybody in the world will not be able to see your balance and transactions, and its impossibe to track it by goverments. you must be dumb to prefer BTC(Bitcoin).
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