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My experience with Monero

I have known of this crypto for years, and finally decided that I wanted to invest in the long term. At the begining of last week I tried to sign up for kraken. They did not approve my sign up until today. While waiting for approval I signed up for binance and I still haven't heard back from them. So, still waiting for kraken, I decided to buy from localmonero. I opened a trade only to have the seller cancel on me a few hours before I was about to send out the money. Now the price has increased from $180 to the current price (~265) and I just wish I had used cakewallet and dealt with their terrible fees. I'm a little annoyed by the whole thing. Taking weeks for exchanges to approve, bad fees on cake wallet, and having to take money out in thousand dollar increments per day from my atm only to have some dude from localmonero cancel on me when the price went up. I was planning on buying 10 coins. I have ~$2500 in cash. Now I guess I have to settle for only ~8.5 coins from localmonero :/ What are your experiences trying to purchase this currency?
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