More one Monero bull case

20D Ago
I find it easier to speculate about Monero future starting from creating scenarios for bitcoin and then thinking about possible consequences for Monero. Here I want to share a vision for a usually considered bad scenario for Monero: bitcoin maxis dream Starting point: 2035 btc at few million dollars. Maxis dream. For many xmr fans this monstruous success of btc would mean sucking all demand away from xmr, which should still survive, but living in the shadows of dark market only.... But here is the catch: if this scenario happens, what then next? after volatiliy stabilize at low value and there is no huge "price go up" ever on the horizon, why would someone prefer their wealth on btc and not on xmr??? Folks, I might be missing something here, but by then btc will have done the heavy duty educating billions of people and for each one of them to adopt in parallel or to move for good to xmr would be a click more. Besides, why keep giving up so much privacy without some credible expectation of price go up anymore?? My conclusion: xmr wins even in btc most wild dream scenario