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Montero is not competing with Bitcoin on privacy

I see a lot of posts here presenting Monero as being superior to Bitcoin because of privacy issues I'm not here to criticize Monero, I hold an amount of it because it is the only coin to offer privacy, decentralisation, fungibility, and I do understand the importance of those things. Bitcoin is not private, we get it. But it is an alternative to this sick system of national currencies backed by nothing that enables the elites to control the economy. It is something that we can own and transact and that they can't print more of and that alone represents hope for billions of people. Real estate isn't private and it's still a great investment a lot of people wish they could make. Bitcoin is revolutionizing money, a lot of people are getting behind it big time including governments, financial institutions, people in central and south America transact with it on a daily basis and yes that probably has something to do with the fact that its transparency makes it less threatening. When people are empowered by their familiarity with crypto, they can use Monero when they want/need privacy. Monero is not going to replace Bitcoin, just like TOR isn't going to replace the cleanet. Constantly trying to bring Bitcoin down is like sawing the branch we're all sitting on.
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