MoneroTopia VIP TIX SOLD OUT!! Don't miss out anon! Grab a GA ticket and join us in Mexico City..


What's up Monero fam! MoneroTopia23 is heating up!!! Sunita and I are hustling with the help of many others in the community to bring you a kick ass event. You joining us? If so, make moves! Here is the latest:

MONEROTOPIA 2023 in MEXICO CITY! El Dinero de La Gente - The People’s Money. MAY 5th, 6Th, 7th.

Made with love and for Monero by Sidarta

Network with like-minded freedom seekers who want to participate in building-out a true digital cash parallel economy outside of State control. This is not a number go up maxi fest.

We have already sold out the VIP tickets (which includes a Speakers Dinner on Saturday night, May 6th) so you better get your General Admission Tickets today before those sell out too!! GA tix are very affordable to make the conference as accessible as possible but we will have to cap it at some point. Even without the VIP dinner there will be plenty of intimate moments to be had with ALL the conference participants throughout the 3 days.

Join us on May 5th -7th 2023 in Huerto Roma Verde, Colonia Roma in Mexico City! Welcome Party late afternoon May 5th and amazing talks and workshops all weekend long starting at 8:30AM May 6th to end of day on the 7th at an outdoor community center and garden run by local CDMX artists and activists. We may start with a few talks during the Welcome Party to make sure we can fit it all in!!

We are proud (and EXCITED!) to announce our Main Stage Sponsor u/cakelabs . We personally use the Cake/ apps daily to run our business and to onboard new Monero users. With Cake’s sponsorship and the contributions made by the participating “Privacy-Tech Projects”, we are able to keep GA ticket prices at just $99 and are even able to offer a super low priced ticket for just 500 pesos ($25) for locals so that we can live up to our goal of making the conference as accessible as possible! Also, with the sponsorship funds we will be able to onboard the local noob attendees to Monero by hooking them up with a wallet and sending them some Monero to use during the conference! The conference however won’t just be for noobs who want to learn how to use Monero and understand the importance of true digital Cash. We will go into depth on Monero tech from the devs themselves and on Sunday we will explore the pros/cons of other “privacy-coin and tech projects”.

In summary the conference Includes talks from Monero devs and contributors, other privacy coin/tech projects, cypherpunks, agorists, and free speech advocates. It will include a “privacy-tech” loft where you can learn about other privacy-tech projects from their representatives (plus attend workshops) and an “adoption alley” section showcasing the projects and CO’s that accept monero and are providing services that are making it easier to use and live off of Monero!

Workshops include Monero 101 for noobs to get their first monero and learn best practices, an advanced workshop for people that want to learn how to contribute to Monero’s network by running a full node and mining with p2pool, a general privacy-tech best practices workshop, and a workshop on how to use the internet anonymously from the NYM project. Finally, integrated into the conference will be a Monero accepting marketplace run by local Mexico City vendors. So attendees can use monero to eat, drink, and buy gifts to bring home!

A few of the MANY speakers to expect at Monerotopia2023.... Luke Parker Lead Developer of SeraiDEX, Koe (Developed Seraphis), Elizabeth Binks (ETH-XMR Swaps), ArticMine (Monero Core Team Member),  Derrick Broze (Freedom Cell Network), Justin Berman (Implementing Seraphis and Jamtis), Seth for Privacy, Luke Smith & many more! Expect a panel on the “future of the Monero protocol” with the devs discussing things like tx_extra, a post-ring signature Monero, scaling on layer 1, and what a layer 2 may look like etc. Also expect a panel on proof of work v proof of stake with participation from Andrey Sabelnikov of Zano and others.

The Adoption Alley section currently has participation from Coincards,, Anon Shop, Jellyfish and u/LocalMoneroCo! (More coming soon!)

Privacy-Tech Projects Represented in the Privacy Loft: Oxen/Session/Loki, NYM, Firo, Zano, Particl/BasicSwap, Panther, Darkfi and LunarDao and more are reaching out! Sunday will include technical talks from most of these projects hosted by a member of the Monero community who will be fielding questions from the audience and bringing his own “difficult questions”. It will NOT be Maxi Conf where other projects are dismissed, but in keeping with Monero culture, the projects will be thoroughly critiqued.

For those that haven’t booked their stay yet, we have some Hotel Accommodation suggestions on the website, so go to to check those out! Some attendees are coordinating shared Airbnbs in the MoneroTopia telegram room.

If you have made it this far, congrats! Here is a 20% off discount code you can use to buy your tickets. The code will expire in 5 days: “Mo Nero Mo Liberty”

For those that want to volunteer and help us out the day of (we will give a free admission ticket!)  please email us at [email protected]! Or if you want to participate in any other fashion (vend, media partner, speak etc.) please email us too!

Hope to see you all in Mexico City in May! We are really looking forward to it!!! Oh and DJs..there will be DJs from the Monero community keeping the vibes going!

One last thing. We are headed down to CDMX in 2 weeks to continue to plan and sort things out. While down there we will be hosting a Monero meetup at the Bitcoin Embassy Bar on Friday, March 10th at 7pm. We will use it as an opportunity to do a 101 on Monero and to give away some tickets to locals that want to help us hang up posters and round up crypto curious locals that want to come learn at the conference. Please email us if you are around CDMX and can attend the meetup.