MoneroKon2022 - "Trying to De-Anonymize I2P Network Participants / Monero-centric DEX" - Video available now

self.Monero1m ago
As seen live at MoneroKon2022, here is the re-recorded, complete [video]( (including the presentation of researchers on the topic "partial I2P tunnel take-over") In a nutshell - for the **Monero**\-interested community: * Status of Monero-centric DEX (no other "coin" involved): progressing, BFT chain stable, UX prototype * Research: I2P as network layer for metadata (orderbooks, settlements and alike) - important results presented by researchers * Testnet (BFT chain), stable: see []( In a nutshell - for the **I2P**\-interested community: * De-Anon: a "partial tunnel take-over" and hence a de-anonymization of I2P network participants is theoretically possible (as non state-level actor with limited access to resources) * Possible mitigation: variable tunnel length (like: use a supportive SAM library or use/implement IC2P options accordingly) * Outlook: a practical attack to de-anon participants on the I2P net is part of the next research cycle Related blog article: []( Other/additional input or feedback/discussion is welcome. Twitter []( or Mastodon []( is an alternative to discuss it - if you prefer that.