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[CCS Proposal] MoneroKon 2022

MoneroKon 2022 Funding What:

A small working group (#monero-events) would like to push forward with plans for a Monero conference.

We had originally planned for an event in Berlin in 2020, but this was cancelled mid-way through planning, due to the pandemic. 2021 was also cancelled.

We feel that 2022 is the time to try again. Due to the ongoing situation in Germany (high case numbers and greater restrictions), it was decided to try in Lisbon, Portugal - mainly for two reasons. The first is that Portugal has taken a relatively risk-tolerant approach to the situation, and has also begun opening up for public events. Recently it hosted Web Summit 2021 - which had 10,000 capacity.

The Monero conference will be in a similar theme to the last MoneroKon, which was hosted in Denver, Colorado in 2019.

We are hoping to put on a professional two-day event, with capacity for 200 people, live-streamed (hopefully), and including an afterparty. The intended date is sometime in June 2022 (venue availability ending). The conference itself will focus on high quality talks, workshops, and panel discussions. We will also build in some downtime for people to mingle, and enjoy conversation with peers and friends they may not have seen for some years.

**We are imagining this will be the first of two CCS requests. **

This first one (CCS-1) covers the total (maximum) estimated cost of putting on the event - €55,0000 (345 XMR approx @ current price of €160 per XMR - 18th December 2021).

The second CCS (CCS-2) will cover the cost of speaker and volunteer travel and accommodation. We imagine there will be 25 total speakers and volunteers, and we have a **very rough estimate that CCS will be around €25,000. **

The idea is that CCS-1 is the** maximum cost for the event.** As we get closer to the actual event (Mar/Aril 2022), we should know how much we have saved from CCS-1 (i.e. the actual costs being less than the imagined maximu...

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