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The Moneroversary is this Saturday the 18th! Help us schedule an excellent, fun time!

DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT Time Description Length 15:00 UTC Monero History ft. TBD 30 minutes 15:30 UTC Monero Research Lab Q&A ft. Sarang Noether, host TBD 30 minutes 16:00 UTC Monero Compliance Q&A ft. Justin Ehrenhofer, host TBD 30 minutes 16:30 UTC Monero Trivia, host Justin Ehrenhofer 30 minutes 17:00 UTC Monero Coffee Chat, host TBD 60 minutes 18:00 UTC Monero Meme Competition, host Justin Ehrenhofer 60 minutes 19:00 UTC Monero VR Happy Hour, host Diego Salazar ? minutes 23:59 UTC Games, TBD (, Drawful 2, Cards Against Humanity, Secret Hitler) ? minutes
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