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Monero Research Lab Meeting Summary: Sentiment seeming to shift in favor of Seraphis/Lelantus Spark rather than Triptych.

17:01:05 _UkoeHB> let the meeting commence. Logs will be posted on the issue: #610 17:01:18 _UkoeHB> 1. greetings 17:01:22 _UkoeHB> hello everyone 17:01:26 _Rucknium[m]> Isn't carrington running one of the Monero Community meetings soon? carrington , could you run this one too? I don't know if you are busy though carringtonn 17:01:30 _ArticMine> Hi 17:01:40 _neptune> Hello 17:01:41 sgp[m]> hello 17:01:41 _rbrunner> Hoi zäme 17:01:47 _coinstudent2048[> Hello 17:01:49 _Rucknium[m]> Hi. 17:01:50 _one-horse-wagon[> hello 17:01:52 sgp[m]> I'm cool with koe running for now 17:01:54 _crypto_grampy[m]> Hi all 17:01:56 _d3neon[m]> hi 17:02:01 _jberman[m]> Hello! 17:02:07 sgp[m]> sarang and brandon ran most of the previous ones and they always had agenda items 17:02:13 _carrington[m]> Hello. A researcher should run the MRL meetings, not me 17:02:14 _janowitz> Hi 17:02:33 _wfaressuissia> Hello 17:02:34 _UkoeHB> 2. updates. People working on stuff, a brief summary of what you have been up to. 17:02:42 _ErCiccione> hi 17:02:49 _woodser[m]> hello 17:03:40 _Halver[m]> hi 17:05:16 _Rucknium[m]> My main thing is working on a roadmap to improve the mixin selection algorithm. Within 12 hours I will submit the roadmap to the Vulnerability Response Process in part so that moneromooo and luigi1111w can redact any sensitive parts before release. jberman and isthmus have seen a draft of it. 17:05:33 _Rucknium[m]> The I sill submit a CCS proposal to execute it 17:05:44 _Rucknium[m]> * will submit 17:06:08 _UkoeHB> Lots of people here :). My summary: The past couple weeks I have been working on PoC for Seraphis. Right now I have working performance mock-ups of RingCT with CLSAG and Triptych on my branch (, and have a good plan for building out the Seraphis PoC. There are a lot of variations to perf test, so it is taking me a while to design...
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