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Monero on TAILs vs Monerujo + Orbot on Android.

So, I know I want a Monero wallet on Tails by default, like Electrum is, but I started to think about it and I'm not sure it's such a big benefit. On Android you can download Orbot + Monerujo. You can get Monerujo to run through the Tor network by some settings in Orbots VPN features and selecting an onion node to sync with on Monerujo. So, at that point you'd have Monero connecting and sending over Tor, and that is combined with Dandelion++ which will further obfuscate sending IP address. This combined with the fact that Monero conceals sender and reciever or any other useful address/transaction details on the blockchain, should make the Monerujo + Orbot setup pretty safe, correct? Is running Monero over Tor even beneficial? I guess it conceals that you are using Monero but then it shows you are using Tor?
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