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Monero On-chain Analysis

Hi XMR-folks. Some of you may have encountered me in the wild on Twitter, particularly working on on-chain analytics for the Decred project (key work here [\_Checkmatey\_]( I have been following Monero from a far for a while now and especially since talking with @sethsimmons, have come to really respect the work going on. The Monero project makes the most sense to me adjacent to Decred and Bitcoin (especially if the latter doesn't get it's act together RE privacy). What I am interested in doing is adding Monero to my on-chain analysis suite. Obviously a number of metrics like transaction volumes etc are not possible on XMR (nice one) so I am looking for the best resources and APIs for Monero performance data. If there are any on-chain analysts in the project, I would love to pick your brains about what you have found/any write ups on the topic. If you have any particular resources which track XMR data and chain performance it would be much appreciated. Also, if it is of interest, we had Seth Simmons on our podcast for a chat about all things Monero. He was our first guest and it was a really enjoyable conversation on the topic of privacy and self-sovereignty. []( Cheers, Checkmate.
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