Monero NYC - 2022 JAN - New Year Crypto Get Together - BYOB | Meetup -- It's been awhile.... Come join and hang out!

meetup.com4m ago
Let's kick off the near year with a Monero NYC crypto get together. We haven't done one in awhile and its nice to keep up with what's new in the privacy crypto world.

Join like minded folks and discuss: - Anything crypto or privacy related. - Defi Mania - What's trending in crypto land. - Crypto Winter


A BYOB (Bring your own Beer) and Potluck event. If it so moves you, please bring something small to share - surprise us! Sharing is caring! A great way to start the year.

You MUST RSVP with your FULL NAME and EMAIL. A building pass will be sent to you from "Rise Building Security". You'll need this to gain access to the building. Please bring your ID. Building security is very strict. Denied entry if you don't have ID or building code.


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