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Monero node Docker on unRaid?

I'd like to get a monero node running 24/7 on my unraid server, I feel like I'm 90% of the way there but I'm stumbling at the finish line. I forked a copy of the [dockerfile on the monero-project github]( to my own github account. Then I created a DockerHub account, synced it with my github, and set up an automated build for the Monero dockerfile I forked. This gives me a trustworthy docker build that I can add to unRaid by plugging in my repository path into a new container in unRaid. But I'm unclear on the unRaid container configuration. I presume that I need to specify a host path in the container settings but I'm not sure what all paths need to be mapped. I'd guess an appdata folder and a folder for the blockchain itself.... but I'm not sure what the "Container Path"s would be. I'm also not sure if there are any ports that need to be mapped. Has anybody successfully gotten Monero running on unRaid, and if so can you share your container configuration?
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