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Monero needs a static value

We need to have a specific and static value for monero, that might not be possible for monero but there needs to be a new crypto with the same or even better (if even possible, wownero?) privacy features like monero that has a certain value. Like 1 coin equals 1 dollar. That might be centralization and we are against that but its one of the only few things the value of a crypto can be tied to. When we seriously want to use monero completely instead of fiat then you dont want your savings to fluctuate all the time, you want to use it like fiat, so it shouldnt have such big fluctuations in price. I would like to keep my livesavings in monero but not as long as it could devalue my money. Yes the price could rise heavily and you would make a lot of money, on the other side you could lose some. If i want to invest then yes, i could buy monero but i want a real fiat replacement. Also if it doesnt already have it, monero needs quantum resistancy and maybe more possible wallet adresses. Sorry if i said something wrong about monero and let me know if im missing something. What do you think abou the price fluctuations and the future of monero in its current state?
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