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Monero Mining Game (early community feedback)

Hey everyone, I could use some feedback on a project I am looking to start. Some anon had floated an idea of creating a mobile mining game to help incentivize more decentralization of Monero mining. It got me thinking about making something similar for desktop. The point of the following idea isn’t to focus on the profit side of monero mining but to help the network become stronger and more decentralized. I want to make a frontend GUI for xmrig. The whole idea is making it into a casual RPG game. The GUI should have a nice GUI and has a monero theme with monero chan and maybe some memes. I want to make it have rpg elements and I am not a huge gamer so I could use some help coming up with ideas on what some of the gamification could be. **Thoughts so far:** * Have certain achievements that unlock the more you mine * The more hashes you give the more XP you get * When choosing pools, the smaller the pool is compared to the network the higher the XP multiplier is * Solo mining gives you way more XP * Exclusive unlocks based on achievements etc * Cool pixel art and animations while mining is happening. Sort of how some people have aquariums or could be a city-scape that grows as your mining grows * The game evolves as you level up * Makes payouts fun since it pays monero but also can be pointed at donations and those give more XP * Considered having reward tokens or nfts as rewards in game but don’t like the privacy problems that could bring (Such as targeting all token holders as monero enthusiasts) * I could create a website that would track leaderboards and those would be provable by signing a message with address to login etc What are the community's thoughts? Any ideas on how to make the gamification better? Any names for the program? I was thinking pixel art I plan on making the UI elements using html and pywebkit then connecting them in a similar way to I am choosing html since there are some open sourc...
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