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Monero Meet 2020-09-19


Monero Meet (held approximately every 4 weeks) will feature longtime active members of the Monero community, who will casually converse about recent Monero news. It will be loosely organized, and it will run about one hour.

This conversation is one effort to make the community more accessible and open. It will also serve as a medium to communicate the latest and upcoming developments.


Monero Space YouTube channel with OBS Ninja (Jitsi as backup), both free and open-source video conferencing tools. Still TBD if it will be live or recorded and uploaded shortly after (feedback requested). I can refine the audio quality somewhat if it is not live but we lose on out the live Q&A aspect with the audience. Let me know your opinion below!


The chat is at approximately 16:00 UTC. If you would like to join, please DM sgp_ on Freenode IRC or by Twitter @MoneroSpace. OBS Ninja requires a powerful computer with a strong internet connection and CPU. It is strongly recommended that you connect with a modern computer with 4+ CPU cores. You can do some testing here. OBS Ninja recommends using Chrome or Safari.

If you have never tested your setup before or if you recently changed your hardware, please join at least 15 minutes before start. You also will need headphones. In our experience, the built-in noise suppression and echo cancellation is less aggressive that Jitsi and other tools.

OBS Ninja is a professional tool that works extremely well if you know what you're doing. If you don't test ahead of time, you're probably going to have a bad time. But it's worth the learning curve to get MUCH higher output quality. PLEASE test to allow us to keep the quality of Monero Meet streams high!

Proposed Agenda

Monero Meet intends to be casual and encourage free flows of thought. Nevertheless, the meeting will be broadly guided by the following topics depending on attendance:

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