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"Monero is used by Drug Dealers, S*x Traffickers".

When you tell people to put their money into Monero, their argument is that it's used Drug Dealers, Sex Traffickers etc but the whole point of using Monero is keeping your wealth secure and private from the Government. The transactions can never be traced back to you and it's decentralized so there's no middle man looking over your money. The current Fiat Currencies will fall thanks to the Covid-19 lockdowns which gives the Government an excuse to borrow billions at 0% interest. When the money system collapses, smart rich people will be looking to store their assets into a safe and that safe will be Monero. When the Government can't see your assets, their excuse will always be that Monero (and others) will used by terrorists. The Government can't exist without stealing your wealth (through tax), they make no money.
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