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Monero has been removed from Coindesk

I’ve just noticed this. It happened this morning. This is likely to further detract from monero’s visibility as I know Coindesk is the place a lot of retail/passive crypto holders and investors go to look for buys Edit: Coindesk provides a live quote service for all cryptos ..all except monero now (for some reason). It’s one of the first search results when throwing “monero price” into google so is a common landing spot and starting point for many people who are beginning their research into monero. I have a friend who holds monero who goes to check prices on Coindesk ..I sometimes use it too. I know several people who read articles on Coindesk. Link: Edit 2: Some are saying Coindesk have removed any quoting service outside of the top 20. This is incorrect. Zcash is 64th and their price feed is working. Link:
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Vauld has listed Monero

We’ve listed two amazing privacy coins for trading: @zcash $ZEC and @monero $XMR But they probably wouldn’t want us to tell you that 🤫🤫Find out more here: