Monero GUI network status: 'Remote node' - can't see my XMR

self.Monero1m ago
Hi, One of my Monero wallets (on Tails) has a network status is showing 'Remote node' instead of 'Connected', although both the wallet and Daemon are synchronised with the network. I have sent some XMR and even verified that the transactions arrived at this address using [this tool]( from another Monero wallet, but the balance on the Tails wallet shows zero. I also can't see any transactions in the Tails Monero wallet (i.e. I don't see anyone hacking in and sending the XMR elsewhere, which was my initial concern) so I'm really hoping this 'Remote node' status is not actually connected to the network. Does anyone know what I can do to change the Network status to 'Connected' instead of 'Remote node', or does anyone know the meaning of status 'Remote node'? Or, could/should I boot the wallet outside of Tails using the seed to verify that the XMR is there (perhaps Tails is the issue?)? Thanks in advance for your help! Edit: Probably worth mentioning that I did actually see the XMR arrive on the Tails wallet with my own eyes when I first sent it - I know it's arrived so I'm just confused as to why I can't see it.