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Monero General Fund transparency

I keep an eye on my view-only wallet of the Monero General Fund out of curiosity, and wonder every now and then how the funds are spent. Monero is, of course, exceedingly private, and therefore I think that a certain level of transparency around the use of donated funds is important. In search of more information, I found [this transparency report]( from June 2020, but there have not been any updates since then. I would be interested in further reports of this kind, and would be more than willing to write them myself if a member of the core team was willing to collaborate on them. I know a few other members of the community, such as /u/erciccione, have also expressed interest in such reports. I thought I would make this post in hopes of catching a core member's attention, as my messages on Twitter and Reddit seem to go unseen. **Edit:** Fluffypony has pointed out on Matrix that this report will be an annual thing, not as regular as was pointed out in the first report. Next one should be out soon.
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